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Driftmier Legacy Project

John Driftmier was Tyson’s dear friend and business partner for over 10 years in the television business. When they met at film school at Simon Fraser University, Tyson was immediately struck by John’s intelligence, his humor and his work ethic. A bond was formed and they began writing and producing short movies together.

John quickly rose through the ranks within the television and documentary industry. As a director, John’s talent was one of a kind, and as a camera operator, his tenacity and skill was impressive.

Together, Tyson and John helped create 3 shows for Discovery Channel. First PYROS, then JACKED!  And just days before John passed away, they had finalized the deal with Paperny Entertainment to create COLD WATER COWBOYS. Tragically, on the 25th of February 2013, John was killed in a light aircraft in Kenya, Africa while filming Dangerous Flights.

Today we continue to keep John’s memory alive by donating to the John Driftmier Scholarship Award. This award gives people a chance to remember John while encouraging film students to lead and direct as he did. John was a mentor and helped many get started in television. Not only does this project keep his spirit alive, this award guarantees support and encouragement to the many promising directors into the future. We’re excited to see his spirit of service to others continue to live through this award.

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