Tyson Media is a FULL SERVICE Production Company.

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Co-creator and executive producer of several successful docuseries including global phenomenon ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ (Netflix International and History Canada) as well as ‘The Dog Dudes’ (Amazon Prime).

Tyson always carries the momentum aggressively forward into the development of unique character- driven concepts primed to be major hits both domestically and internationally.

Tyson began his career selling projects to established production companies, beginning with ‘PYROS’ (Omnifilm Entertainment) ‘JACKED’ (Pixcom) before finding even more success with the hit series ‘Cold Water Cowboys’ partnering up with Oscar award-nominated producer David Paperny.

Later he co-founded Mayhem Entertainment and created the biggest hit to date ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ for Corus Entertainment.

In 2020, Tyson founded ‘Tyson Media Productions,’ with his first production starting shortly after with Bell Media’s Original ‘Pets & Pickers’ airing on Crave, Animal Planet and Discovery. Now in its third season of filming, ‘Pets & Pickers’ recently sold to Warner Bros/ Discovery + Animal Planet USA.


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Award Winning Entertainment

Tyson Media is an award-winning Vancouver-based entertainment company that produces powerful Unscripted Documentary Series that have caught audiences’ attention worldwide.

Rust Valley Restorers Season 4
History Canada, Netflix, Motortrend - 42 x 60 mins

Rust Valley Restorers

Rust Valley Restorers is a global sensation and smash hit program produced by History Channel. Airing internationally on Netflix and MotorTrend, “Rust Valley” is currently in its 4th season of production.

Discovery Canada, Animal Planet, Crave - 8 x 60 mins

Pets & Pickers

Pets & Pickers is the story of animals, their owners, and the special team of veterinarians who care for them. Airing on Discovery Canada, Animal Planet and on Crave.

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Discovery Channel Canada, Weather Channel U.S.A - 34 x 60 mins

Cold Water Cowboys

Discovery Channel travels to Newfoundland for an intense season of fishing in “Cold Water Cowboys.” Following a fleet of six captains and their crews, the series takes viewers across hundreds of miles of the North Atlantic as the men try to rebuild the industry, catching crab, shrimp, turbot, herring and mackerel. With salt water in their blood, the crews face waves the size of houses and icebergs as large as some small cities in a race against time and one another. In a struggling industry, the “Cold Water Cowboys” do whatever it takes to fill the hatch and make as much money as possible.

OutTV, Amazon Prime, Apple Plus - 8 x 60 mins

The Dog Dudes

The Dog Dudes follows canine rehabilitation experts Dylan and Darijan Northstar and their amazing pack of Siberian Huskies as they rehabilitate troubled dogs. Airing on OutTV.

pyros transformed 1 2
Discovery Channel Canada and Weather Channel U.S - 16 x 60 mins


Pyros is a reality television series that follows Montreal based pyrotechnic company, Groupe Fiatlux-Ampleman (GFA), as they travel to Canada (for Canada Day), Mexico, the United Kingdom, Congo, France, Germany, and the United States (for July 4) locations and attempt to execute large fireworks displays. Airing on Discovery Channel in Canada and Weather Channel in the US.

Jacked 1 transformed 1
Discovery Channel Canada - 8 x 60 mins


Wherever a structure needs jacking, Jeremy Patterson is one of the best in the business. He confronts challenges that others might back away from. The risks could spell certain death should anything go wrong … and there are so many things that could go wrong. Everything is at stake – money, homes and lives.

History Canada - 16 x 60 mins

Backroad Truckers

Welcome to the crazy world of “hot-shot truckers”: a special breed of independent truckers who will haul anything, anywhere, at any time. Airing on History Channel.


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