My Pet Ate What?

My Pet Ate What?

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“MY PET ATE WHAT?” is a new Canadian-produced documentary series for Animal Planet. The show follows the work of Dr. Eugene Gorodetsky, an expert in the field of veterinary care who uses a minimally invasive instrument that combines a camera, light and grasping tools to reach down animals’ digestive tracts and recover wild, surprising, and dangerous items they’ve ingested.

About Dr. Eugene Gorodetsky

The only veterinarian known to focus exclusively in this field, Dr. G’s been practicing endoscopy for more than 20 years. He provides a specialized procedure that prevents invasive, higher-risk surgery when successful. Dr. G is tirelessly motivated by extraordinary love for animals and dedication to their well-being. He’s extracted a 2 carat diamond ring, a hefty chunk of sofa cushion, four baby soothers and assorted brooches, among hundreds of other objects. Here’s a news article with more information on Dr. G’s practice: This B.C. travelling vet saves animals from swallowed objects

Impact and Awareness

“MY PET ATE WHAT?” presents a unique and heartfelt opportunity for pet owners, veterinary staff, and other participants to make a difference in the lives of animals. Those who are a part of the project will help raise awareness about the benefits of Dr. G’s approach to pets’ health and well-being, as the show aims to highlight the importance of prompt veterinary care, which can mean life or death for a beloved animal. The production also hopes to spread the word about measures to help owners prevent their pets from ingesting foreign objects.

Production Team

“MY PET ATE WHAT?” is being produced by Tyson Media Productions, the Vancouver based production company behind the flagship series Pets and Pickers. Pets and Pickers is now in its third season and is seen on Animal Planet, Discovery Canada and Crave.

The “MY PET ATE WHAT?” production crew has worked on Pets and Pickers and are very experienced with filming in a clinical, veterinary setting. They are sensitive to client care needs and compassionate considerations, and are also experts at taking an observational approach and remaining unobtrusive to veterinary practices and procedures.

Contact Information

If you’d like to know more about “MY PET ATE WHAT?”, please email the production team at [email protected] and someone will reply to you promptly. Thank you!

My Pet Ate What Introduction Page 1