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TYSON works as a Producer, Director and Creator.

Tyson is the co-creator and executive producer of several successful docuseries including global phenomenon ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ (Netflix International and History Channel Canada) as well as ‘The Dog Dudes’ (Amazon Prime, Apple Plus). Tyson always carries the momentum aggressively forward into the development of unique character- driven concepts primed to be major hits both domestically and internationally.

When I’m not directing and filming with these larger than life characters….

I’m turning over rocks trying to find the next one.

Tyson began his career selling projects to established prod co’s, beginning with ‘PYROS’ (Omnifilm Entertainment) ‘JACKED’ (Pixcom) before finding even more success with the hit series ‘Cold Water Cowboys’ partnering up with Oscar Award winning producer David Paperney.

Next, Tyson co-founded Mayhem Entertainment with Matt Shewchuck and created the biggest hit to date ‘Rust Valley Restorers’ for Corus Entertainment.

Now, Tyson is stepping out on his own to create ‘Tyson Media Productions’ his very own production arm.

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