• June 16, 2015
  • News

We knew that the lifestyle and culture of the east coast was special from the get go on “Cold Water Cowboys”, and it was only a matter of time before people started to catch on with us.

After being out here a couple weeks in the cold and the storms we look for a lot to draw strength on to continue shooting for our 3rd season, and the feedback we have been getting around the world and here in Canada has been absolutely astounding. The positive response for season 2 of the show has gone well above and beyond what we have expected, from reviews from the Canadian Television guide TV, Eh? to The Telegram and an article in The Newfoundland Herald, we can’t thank the press enough for their positive feedback and love for our truly down to earth Canadian story.

We feel like Greg David from the Television Critics Association is onto what makes this part of the world so special.

“I had the pleasure of visiting Newfoundland[…] The days on the trip were filled with the most friendly, caring and funny folks I’ve ever met, so it’s no wonder that Cold Water Cowboys is such a joy to watch.[…] What sets Cold Water Cowboys apart from other shows in the genre is the setting itself. Aerial shots of green-tinged peaks, paddling polar bears and glistening icebergs are shown against a soundtrack of fiddle music. It highlights the uniqueness of Canada’s youngest province and the high entertainment value of these Cold Water Cowboys.”

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